Lincoln Park Historic District Web Application

Mapping And Analyzing Historic Buildings in Lincoln Park, Blue Earth County

In order to have a valuable preservation ordinance, one that effectively protects the resources specific to a community, it is important to have an inventory of existing historic structures and where they are distributed. A historic resource inventory is the only way that this type of information can be obtained, and is a timely process. Physically observing each structure and creating a table containing multiple characteristics of each structure in an area deserves preserving itself. With the use of GIS I have created an editable workspace containing elements resulting from my analysis of field data. These elements include the addresses, classifications, year built, and photographs of historic homes in Mankato’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The use of multiple Analytical tools available in ArcGIS enabled the visual representation of my data collection. The use of the Time Slider and Hyperlink tools allowed me to produce animations and photographs within my workspace. The goal of my project is to create an inventory that could be used by local city governments to develop planning and zoning ordinances in compliance with a nationally nominated historic district. The results include a map of the neighborhood defined by the historic integrity of each structure, an animation showing the development of the neighborhood from the first home that was constructed, and the opportunity to further my analysis with the use of sophisticated Web GIS techniques and tools to give the public access to these resources.

Project Description

Created For: Grad School, City of Mankato

Project Goal: Provide an inventory of Mankato’s Lincoln Park Historic District properties including architectural style; build year; photo; contribution to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

My Role: Assessed district properties by determining architectural style; conducting research to determine build year; photographed properties; Mapped and analyzed data; created ArcGIS Online Web Application; Presented project at conferences and to Mankato’s Historic Preservation Commission